• #403 FORBIDDEN session at re:publica13

    Internet filtering in Iran is both arbitrary and targeted. Censorship is designed to make you feel insecure. Sometimes websites that you would assume are blocked are open, and some of the most mundane are blocked. On the other hand, severe crackdowns have left bloggers in solitary confinement in Iranian prisons. This is a participatory exploration of the Iranian internet and everything that is complex about it.

    Maybe you saw Maral Pourkazemi’s infographic “The Iranian Internet” at re:publica 12. Well, Small Media’s the lucky organisation that snapped her up after she graduated. Now, we’ve added her data visualisation expertise to our in house research team and we are experimenting with sharing information through participation and exploration. Last year, we held an event in our office called “403 Forbidden”, and invited a select audience (we had the Guardian, Fox News, BBC, the Foreign Office and other big wigs there) to experience what using the Iranian internet really feels like.
    Do you remember how slow a 56kbps internet connection really is? You can forget about watching HD videos when you’re w…

    Bronwen Robertson | @small_media |

    Maral Pourkazemi | this-is-maral.com/ | @maralllo

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  • Teaching at General Assembly in London
  • Guest Post on Visual Loop

  • “Design is my conviction and my religion,” says Iranian designer Maral Pourkazemi. For her master thesis project “The Iranian Internet” at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam, she created a beautiful infographic which contains six content panels to explain the complexity of online censorship in Iran. Including information on the general Internet usage, Iran’s national web project, namely the “Halal” Internet and its evasion, the Iranian blogosphere, the cyber police, criminal hackers, and the systems of governance, the six panels decipher the Iranian Internet between freedom and isolation. This thesis has become a much talked about design activist project. Gestalten.tv sat down with Maral Pourkazemi to talk about her infographic vision and how she has made an ugly topic accessible through visual storytelling.

    Check out Maral Pourkazemi’s website this-is-maral.com/

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  • 2012 in Data Visualization

    As we look back at the year in data, a handful of big moments and ideas stand out — sustainability at Rio+20, elections around the world, new forms of mapping, networks, digital humanities, and internet censorship to name a few. We had a ton of projects uploaded by the community in 2012; here are some of the many that address these important issues and push the boundaries of data visualization.

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  • Request: In The Name Of The Creator Of The Beauty

    I recently received an email from organizers of the first persian infographic festival in Tehran, asking me to comment on their event. This is the first email that I received from within the country referring to my work. I’m sure they didn’t take a closer look, otherwise they would’ve known that what I did was a bit critical.

    Oh, and the email started with the sentence “In the name of the creator of the beauty”… very interesting.

  • Next Stop: Visualized New York

    Speaking about my infographic at the Visualized conference in New York this November.

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  • Applaus 2012 - FH Potsdam

    Last weekend I was in back in Germany to attend to a huge exhibition. It is the annual exhibition of graduated students.

    A comment on the event here at I Love Design


  • CBC Radio Interview/Documentation

    I had the pleasure to talk for a well-known radio show for the CBC. The outcome is a very well done documentation of the Iranian internet. You can listen to the episode here.